The William Harvey Research Institute (WHRI) is a world leading Pharmacological Centre with a vibrant, multidisciplinary scientific environment devoted to therapeutic innovation in cardiovascular, endocrine and inflammatory diseases. Our major strength is in bringing scientists with different skills together, combining disciplines ranging from genetics, cell biology, pharmacology, epidemiology, advanced imaging and clinical trials with therapeutic innovation.


Latest WHRI news

11 October 2016
Research summary: Enymes responsible for tissue repair
Dr Jesmond Dalli explains how his new research has uncovered enzymes that are crucial for the repair and regeneration of tissues, and could lead to new treatments for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

30 September 2016
WHRI researchers identify link between immunity and 'holidays'
A team of researchers at the WHRI are investigating ways in which holidays, music or a change of environment can bolster our immune systems in the fight against disease.

13 September 2016
Major global study reveals new hypertension and blood pressure genes
Thirty-one new gene regions linked with blood pressure have been identified in one of the largest genetic studies of blood pressure to date, involving over 347,000 people, and jointly led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the University of Cambridge. 

12 July 2016
A new hope for reducing uncontrollable blood pressure
At The Royal London Hospital, on 30 June 2016, the Barts Blood Pressure Clinic became the first hospital in the country to provide two NHS patients with the innovative Barostim Neo™ device that could transform and save the lives of people living with uncontrollable blood pressure. 

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